Club Competition Evening – Survey

We recognise that for some athletes competition can seem quite daunting, particularly the first time they venture on to the track. With very few matches during a season, there are limited opportunities to compete.

In order to give our members an opportunity to gain some confidence in competing and offer all members the chance to enjoy a safe, friendly and local competition, we are looking into the option of running a club competition evening, replacing that evening’s training session.

As with any athletics competition it needs volunteers to make it work. We need help with timing, measuring, organising, raking, collecting, judging and recording, among the many duties that are needed to make a competition work. If we get enough volunteers, we will be in contact and get a club night arranged.

We are running a short survey and we’d appreciate if you would complete it.

At the end of the competition, we’ll ask for feedback and if there’s sufficient support, we’ll look into scheduling more.