Health and Safety Policy

East Grinstead Athletics Club is committed to encouraging our members to take part, but the health, wellbeing and safety of everyone is always our paramount concern. We recommend levels of training dependent on age and ability and expect our athletes to participate within these boundaries.

Those involved in coaching athletics activities and events need to ensure that they manage the potential risks they face. They also have a responsibility to help others to develop a knowledge and awareness of basic safety requirements. Common law requires all coaches, officials, volunteers, and administrators have a duty of care for those whom they have a responsibility.

To support out Health and Safety policy, we are committed to the following duties:

  • Undertake regular, recorded risk assessments of the club training environment and all activities undertaken by the athletics club
  • Create a safe environment by putting health and safety measures in place as identified by the assessment
  • Ensure that all members are given the appropriate level of training and competition by regularly assessing individual ability dependent on age, maturity, and development
  • Ensure that all members are aware of, understand, and follow the clubs health and safety policy
  • Appoint a competent committee member to assist with health and safety responsibilities
  • Ensure that normal operating procedures and emergency procedures are in place and known by all members
  • Provide access to adequate first aid facilities, telephone and qualified first aider at all times
  • Report any injuries or accidents sustained during any athletics club acitvitiy
  • Ensure that the implementation of this policy is reviewed regularly and monitored for effectiveness


  • It is the responsibility of all athletes to dress appropriately for the conditions and events undertaken
  • It is the responsibility of all athletes to bring to the attention of all before a session any illness, injury, or other factor that may affect their health and safety, or that of others, during a session
  • It is the responsibility of the coaches present at track sessions to decide if the track is in a fit state for use as far as they are able to do so and is reasonable in the circumstances

Athletes / Volunteers

  • All individuals are required to take reasonable care for their own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by what you do or do not do
  • All individuals are required to co-operate with East Grinstead Athletics Club on health and safety issues
  • All individuals are required to use all equipment correctly. If in doubt, seek guidance from a coach
  • All individuals are required to not interfere or misuse anything provided for your health, safety, or welfare
  • All individuals are required to not enter the track or field areas without instruction or approval from to do so by a coach, and if asked to, take care to enter and have checked it is safe to do so
  • All individuals are required to take reasonable care when moving around our facilities or on surfaces that may be wet, muddy or otherwise hazardous