This week’s news

Sorry that last Thursday’s training session had to be cancelled

We’re sorry about the cancellation of last Thursday’s training sessions caused by last week’s water problems – or rather by the lack of water. We did send out an e-mail as well as putting something here on the website.

Schools cross-country races this week

We have a few of our younger athletes taking part in schools cross-country races this week. Darcie Wicenden will be running in a year 5 race at Worth School on Tuesday while Adam Kapitan and Rowan Kirby will be representing Mid Sussex in the All-Sussex school year 6 cross-country championships on Thursday in Brighton. We wish them all well.

A training reminder

A reminder that that we are now training on both Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Imberhorne Upper School. Both evenings from 6.30 to 7.30.

Fixtures for the summer

We will expect to send out details of our summer matches for all age-groups in the next week or 2. We do now have some of the venues and these will be included in the details.

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